Power Washing

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Your Professional Power Washer in Fayetteville, GA

Homeowners and business owners who need high powered, thorough cleaning for various types of surfaces can benefit significantly from professional power washing services. Power washing is designed to eliminate the most difficult stains and dirt through the use of high pressure water jets, producing a restored appearance to many outdoor surfaces. At Clark Painting & Powerwashing, Inc., we offer expert power washing and cleaning services to residential commercial customers in the Fayetteville, GA area. We are the leaders among local pressure washer contractors, delivering outstanding results with every service application.

Power Washing Services for Commercial and Residential Applications

Power washing companies like ours are able to completely transform worn out, tired looking surfaces into surfaces with a brand-new appearance. Whether you need pressure washing for siding, a driveway, outdoor furniture, desks, or other items at your home or business, our pressure washing services can effectively restore your surfaces to exceptional condition, removing oil stains, grime, and dirt. We also provide power washing for fencing and concrete surfaces for homes and commercial properties.

Power Washing for Exceptional and Fast Results

Instead of spending a lot of money on replacing your driveway, fencing, siding, or deck, why not choose professional power washing to reinvigorate your existing structures? Our team delivers highly effective and reliable pressure washing services using powerful jets to enhance the appearance of any surface. As a trusted provider among pressure washer companies, we are happy to help you transform the appearance of your property in Fayetteville, GA.

For more information about the power washing services we offer at Clark Painting & Powerwashing, Inc., call us today at 770.632.2900 or fill out our contact form.

The Benefits of Power Washing

  • Adds value to property
  • Improves curb appeal and beauty of homes and storefronts
  • Guards against bacteria
  • Restores original clean appearance
  • Present a welcoming aesthetic
  • Protects your walkways from becoming slick, greasy, and dangerous

The Process

Provide at accurate estimate

As a service to our clients, we provide free estimates. Many estimates can be completed over the phone, but in some cases we will need to come to your property to ensure your estimate will be correct.

Email a detailed proposal

After all necessary information about the job has been gathered, we will send you an email proposal, giving a thorough representation of the work to be done. We want you to be informed and comfortable prior to the job beginning.

Introduce our crew to you

While we are providing a service, we also understand that we are guests in your home. As respectful guests, we want you to be comfortable with everyone working in your home.

Walk-through Inspection

When the job is complete, we will walk through your home to ensure all work was finished to all of our standards. Before our team leaves your home, we want you to be completely satisfied with the finished project.

Maintain the completed work

We like to guarantee that your home or business stays up to your standard. Our quarterly services are designed to maintain your investment. We can do a quarterly check-in which fits your schedule and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Power/Pressure Washing?

Power/pressure washing are interchange-able terms. This is a cleaning process that uses pressurized water to blast a durable surface so it is clean again.

Can power/pressure washing damage concrete?

Yes, it absolutely can. Most residential concrete is only capable of withstanding an impact of 3,000 psi. For that reason, we gauge our systems to not exceed 2900psi.

How long does it take to power/pressure wash a house?

The time it takes to clean a house will certainly depend on the size of the home being serviced, along with the number of services being offered on site. The average home in Fayette and Coweta Counties can be professionally pressure washed between 1.5 hours and 3 hours’ time.

Can you power/pressure wash a roof?

No, a pressure washing system is far too aggressive for any type of roofing system. Pressure washing a roof will void the warranty of the roof and cause instant long-term damage. All roofs should be cleaned using Soft-wash Technology.

How often should you power/pressure wash your house?

Most houses in Georgia should be cleaned at least every 2 years. By monitoring the overhangs on the north side of the building, it should be easy to see algae grow on the surfaces of the home.

Can you power/pressure wash colored concrete?

Yes, but gently. Colored concrete is usually cleaned with a combination of soft-washing and pressure washing. In this way, the cleaning process is not reliant on the impact of a pressure washer and will not damage the product on the colored concrete.

Can you power/pressure wash in the rain?

Yes, but not in heavy rain or in any lightning.

Can you power/pressure wash pressure treated wood?

Soft-washing is a better option.

Can you power/pressure wash a metal roof?

No, a pressure washing system is far too aggressive for any type of roofing system. Pressure washing a roof will void the warranty of the roof and cause instant long-term damage. All roofs should be cleaned using Soft-wash Technology.

How often should you power/pressure wash vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding typically needs to be cleaned more often than other siding types because it is not constantly being repainted with exterior paint which contains mildewcide.

Should I power/pressure wash my house before painting?

Yes, but it may be more resourceful to allow the painter or another professional exterior cleaner to conduct the cleaning of the house.

How much to power/pressure wash a house?

It varies, but typically ranges from $150-$400.

How much to power/pressure wash a deck?

It varies from $75-$400.

How much to pressure wash a driveway?

It varies from $120-$1,000+

Does power/pressure washing remove mold?

No, it may on a surface level, but Sodium Hypochlorite is needed to kill mold, mildew, and many other organic stains at its source.

How much to pressure wash a fence?

It varies tremendously.

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